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No hidden fees.

Never a registration fee.


No materials fee, other than your own paper and ink.

Pay ZERO tax.


Maximum 10 students per class.

Interactive, ask questions, practice pronunciation, learn figurative language and voice acting.

Writing and speaking WILL be assessed, unlike static online preparatory options.

Easy to go.
Payment: Made at time of registration to secure your space. 

Refunds: 100% tuition fees, prior to the course start date, less $20 for processing.
Platform: Zoom. You may use access Zoom directly through a web browser.
Confirmation: e-mail with receipt and Zoom link, sent to participant.

Sign up and we will send treats to your e-mail.

Thanks for signing up!

Rod Chalmers, Instructor
  • Branca Ícone LinkedIn

Graduate of the Department of Psychology, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada.

Certificate of Language Teaching to Adults, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK.

Adult educator since 1991
(30 years this year.)

English language (ESL) coach since 2015.

CELPIP 12/12/12/12 (Yes, really. Sign up!)

What to expect


A non-competitive, supportive, and inclusive environment in which to ask questions.


How to formulate and present an answer, that the examiner is looking for.


An array of different expressions, idioms, formality, and grammar to impress the examiner.


Answers about psychological barriers to good performance.


How to sound natural and expressive using stress and rhythm.


Examples, active practice and feedback on every type of test-task in each of the four modules.


Each day, all four modules will be visited (time may not be equally weighted across modules)


Methods of training, which you can do at home, prior to the test.


A critical review of your skills performance with feedback for improvement.

What to NOT expect

We will not simply regurgitate the extant, online material which is everywhere.


We will not provide an explanation of the questions, but rather a METHOD to attack each question thoroughly.


We will not provide a question and answer sheet. That’s like giving someone a book on fitness and a picture of what they should look like, in a few months. Without a trainer, it is nearly impossible. 

During the program we will build your study guide together, to identify and strengthen any weaknesses you may have.

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